Three Fantastic Books

If you're looking for a great read, it might be time you tried The Tales of Moonglow.

  1. Moonglow Avenue

    When Ryan and his sister Nicole meet their new neighbours Jasmine and Billy they have no idea how their lives are about to change.
    They discover a street they never knew existed; Moonglow Avenue, a street that can only be accessed after dark and by those with a feel for magic.
    Soon they find themselves fighting vampires and getting tangled up in the business of witches and werewolves. But their greatest danger lies outside of Moonglow, in the real world.
    When a young werewolf cub is captured by a greedy television reporter it is up to the kids to rescue the boy and make sure that no one ever finds out about the secrets of Moonglow Avenue.

    Moonglow Avenue is a tale of Adventure and Magic for boys and girls, ages 8-12

  2. Trustkeepers of Moonglow

    Ryan, Jasmine, Billy and Nicole return to Moonglow where they have made friends amongst the unusual residents. Everything is going well until the good witch , Sapphire, is poisoned. 
    After a spot of time travelling and spending some time as ghosts, the kids discover who is to blame for this horrible crime and soon find themselves up against their most difficult enemy yet. 
    Is there a traitor among them? Jasmine discovers that she can’t rely on magic all the time while Ryan finds out that there is more to strength than just a good weapon.

  3. The Warlock of Moonglow

    Ryan, Jasmine, Billy and Nicole are enjoying some quiet times at last in Moonglow. That all changes When Voltan, an all powerful warlock, shows up in town and this time it’s not only Moonglow but the whole world that is in danger. Now the kids need to use all of their skills if they are going to fight the greatest threat the world has ever known. Jasmine discovers another side of her magic as she sets out on a quest to create a new spell. Billy must learn from an unusual teacher. Ryan will fight his toughest foes yet. And Nicole surprises everyone with her new powers. But will it all be enough to beat….. The Warlock of Moonglow ?